Become A Client

You need to meet one of the two qualifying criteria to become a Nedbank Private Wealth client:

1. Personal income of more than R1.5 million per year or

2. Have investable assets with a value of at least R5 million ( excluding the property in which you live)


Please contact us to talk about your finacial needs - we would love to help. Even if you do not meet the qualifying criteria to become a Nedbank Private Wealth client. Nedbank offers you a range of othe investment options and wats in which we can meet your day-to-day banking needs and one of our Finacial Planners will contact you.


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Do you have a personal income in excess of R1.5 million per annum?

Do you have investable assets greater than R5 million - excluding primary residence?

Unfortunately you do not qualify to be a Nedbank Private Wealth client. We can alternatively offer you the following products:

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